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        AMELS 200

        197 ft  |  970 GT  |  Delivery available from Spring 2021

        Exterior design by Tim Heywood
        Interior design concept by Reymond Langton

        The AMELS 200 with hybrid electrical power system is the latest addition to the AMELS Limited Editions range. We unveiled the design in 2015 and in 2018 we delivered the first yacht, VOLPINI 2. The design’s next yacht shares the same proven AMELS DNA, naval architecture and engineering as her predecessor. However, together with designer Tim Heywood, we’ve designed standout features including full-height windows in the Owners Suite with a huge folding balcony, Sun Deck Sky Lounge accessed by four-deck elevator and central staircase, plus a private VIP Suite on Bridge Deck. The new AMELS 200 name reflects not only her extra length, but also our ongoing commitment to design that has made our Limited Editions range so successful.


        Selected showcases: VOLPINI 2


        Length overall 60.10 metres (197 ft)
        Beam overall (at hull) 10.62 metres (35 ft)
        Draught (full load) 3.40 metres
        Displacement (full load) 950 tonnes (approx.)
        Gross Tonnage 970
        Design exterior Tim Heywood
        Interior Concept Reymond Langton
        Naval architecture AMELS
        Maximum speed 15.5 knots
        Range @ 13.0 knots 4500 nautical miles
        Guests 12
        Crew 12 + captain
        Brochure request
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