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        Never stop developing. Step up to a new Full Custom yacht built to the absolute highest AMELS quality with the most modern Dutch yacht building technology. Here at AMELS we’ve listened to your ideas as the superyacht market evolves. That’s why we’ve taken another step forward alongside our successful AMELS Limited Editions range.
        We can now deliver true AMELS Full Custom yachts.


        AMELS is one of the few yards in the world that can deliver large complex yachts built to the highest quality. We operate the largest superyacht facility in the Netherlands, including a recently completed modern climate-controlled 200-metre covered dry dock. Our strong reputation for project management underpins this centre of excellence, home to our team of highly qualified craftsmen and co-makers.


        Start with your vision of the yachting experience and build your own creation – with a true one-off exterior and interior from the designer of your choice. AMELS’ design and engineering teams are second-to-none, with vast experience collaborating with the most renowned designers in the world as well as classification societies and flag states.

        AMELS DNA

        Dedication and knowledge – that’s what lies beneath the surface of each AMELS yacht. With more than 50 superyachts delivered, our engineers are the guardians of AMELS’ yacht building expertise, which they distil into each creation. You can still see AMELS’ heritage as a full custom yacht builder in iconic yachts that were among the largest and most sophisticated yachts of their day. Explore the AMELS fleet.


        Our team is proving our capability with the largest yacht AMELS has ever built. AMELS achieves it in a very Dutch way – with hard work, craftsmanship and a love of doing things the right way. Being part of the family-owned and financially strong DAMEN Shipyards Group, we’ve continuously developed our people, processes and facilities, leveraging our parent company’s R&D expertise in building high-tech vessels up to 200 metres in length.

        Watch video: Interview with M.D. Rob Luijendijk on “Amels Full Custom”

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