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        Career at Amels

        AMELS has the largest superyacht facility in the Netherlands, ensuring smooth design, engineering and production with up to 900 men and women at work. Shipbuilding at this level is highly challenging and requires innovative, dedicated team players. Check our group career website for vacancies, and we are also regularly looking for technical professionals to join our growing team.

        Attention Technical Professionals

        For our large in-house engineering department, AMELS is regularly looking for new technical colleagues with vocational, Bachelors and Masters qualifications. For more information, please send your CV to Ton Uiterwaal, AMELS Manager Human Resources, at [email protected].

        Part of an international team

        At AMELS you will enjoy a fantastic working environment and excellent prospects as part of the global DAMEN Shipyards Group. We work closely with DAMEN, leveraging the very best facilities for naval architecture, ship modelling and engineering research and development. We are a shipbuilder who builds yachts, rather than a yacht builder who builds ships.

        Live and work in Zeeland

        Fresh air, no traffic jams - everywhere you go in Zeeland, you feel the connection with the sea! Zeeland is the perfect location for a great outdoor sporting lifestyle, affordable housing and still close to major centres. The twin cities Vlissingen and Middelburg offer excellent road and rail links. Local people enjoy a ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle, taking advantage of wonderful beaches.

        Centuries of shipbuilding tradition

        “Walking around the town, you can feel that Vlissingen has been an important centre for Zeeland and for shipping since the 17th century. Continuing this great seafaring tradition, AMELS is setting new trends in the yachting industry and is leading the world in this exclusive market segment.”

        Rob Luijendijk — AMELS Managing Director

        Engineers play a significant role

        “At AMELS there is a strong connection between engineering and production. You draw something and you see it being built before your eyes. That is very rewarding and gives you a strong bond with the end product, a beautiful product! That is a big difference between yacht construction and shipbuilding. The added value of the engineer in the whole process is very significant.”
        Maarten Slegers — AMELS Manager Engineering

        Creating with pride

        “We never forget we are working in a place where the best yachts in the world are being built. Attention to detail is always important, and particularly in the final months of the production process. The yacht is all about fine detail. We are very proud of our product.”

        Bert Beckers — AMELS Production Manager


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