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        The Shipyard

        The Finest in Holland

        While on a visit to our shipyard in Vlissingen, a well-known yachting journalist commented that it was the most organised and cleanest yard he had ever seen. How else could you expect to produce yachts of the highest quality construction and paint work without


        operating a clean and efficient environment? AMELS prides itself on having the best superyacht facilities in Holland. With climate-controlled halls, and covered dry docks, our facilities offer direct access to the North Sea for even the largest of private yachts.

        A Proud Tradition

        We like to show first-time visitors to the yard the historic former headquarters of Royal Schelde. Just a short walk from our on-site helicopter landing platform, the history of Dutch shipbuilding is embodied in the great halls of this magnificent building. AMELS is proud to maintain the proud legacy of shipbuilding in Vlissingen.

        Vlissingen Facilities

        With climate-controlled halls, and 204-metre and 145-metre covered dry docks, our facilities offer direct access to the water for even the largest of private yachts.

        Vlissingen East Facilities

        Located 8km away from our main yard, Vlissingen East is used primarily for construction of large military and civilian ships. AMELS is fortunate to be able to make use of these world-class facilities. All disciplines are available here, with the people and facilities geared up for high-precision, military-grade steel construction. There is a covered 215m dry dock, and another two dry docks.


        So what’s a stay at AMELS like? Crews and captains feel very welcome at AMELS thanks to the yard’s friendly, international team, excellent facilities and the high living standards in the English-speaking town. Ride a typical Dutch bike, enjoy the rich local history and even build your resume at local maritime academies. You’ll find plenty to explore in the region with all kinds of sports and fitness activities. Plus, it’s not far by train to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London.

        Friendly Town

        Vlissingen is the home of AMELS. Holland’s third-busiest port dates back to the 7th century when it was founded as a fishing village. With plenty of lively bars and restaurants, hotels, and even a sandy beach, it’s a small and friendly seaside town that has been at the centre of Dutch shipbuilding for centuries. We love it here, and you will find the townspeople very friendly and welcoming.



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