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        The best shots taken by AMELS and DAMEN crew!

        We invite our friends crewing on AMELS and DAMEN yachts to take a deep dive on their photo drives and share their favourite yachting destination shots (with or without the yacht in picture). As part... Read more

        The 25th AMELS 180 sold with spring 2020 delivery

        We are pleased to confirm the sale of a new 55-metre AMELS 180 (180 ft) from the AMELS Limited Editions range. On her maiden voyage in spring 2020, she will be the 25th AMELS 180 delivered since... Read more

        Discover AMELS in Miami with KAMALAYA this February

        AMELS is hosting the beautiful KAMALAYA at the Miami Yacht Show from February 14 – 19, 2019 at Island Gardens.The 55-metre AMELS 180 (180 ft) is a fantastic showcase for our Limited Editions range... Read more

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